Recording the Minisink 1701 - 1738

Using Bob Billard's wonderful search engine of translated Dutch Records for the keyword Minisink reveals a glimpse into colonial travel to the valley and 18th century surnames variants. 

Marriage Register of the Dutch Church at Kingston 
jm - young man
jd - young woman
wid - widow or widower

Husband; [semicolon] Wife
1701 21 Apr; Jurie Quick, jm, of Mombaccus; Rebecca Titsoort, jd, born Schenectady, live Minisink.
1702 18 Oct; Stephanus Titsoort, jm, born Schenectady, live Minisink; Sara Hoornbeek, jd, born Hurley, live Mombaccus.
1712 03 Feb; Jacob Van Kuykendaal, wid Ariaantjen Tietsoort; Zara Westvaal, jd, both live Minisink.
1714 05 Oct; Jacobus Swartwoud, jm, born Hurley, live Minisink; Gieletjen Nieuwkerk, jd, of Horly.
1715 27 Mar; Matheus Van Kuykendaal, jm, born Rochester; Jannetjen Westvaal, jd, born Kingstown, both live Minisink.
1716 20 Aug; Johannes Kwik, jm, born Rochester; Bregjen Middag, jd, born Nescotak, both live Minisink.
1716 20 Aug; Juriaan Westvaal, wid Styntjen van Kuykendaal; Marytjen Koddebek, jd, both born Kingstown; live Minisink.
1717 06 Feb; Frederick Schoonmaker, wid Annaatjen De Wit; Eva Swartwout, jd, live Minisink.
1717 25 Feb; Abel Westvaal, jm; Antjen Bogaart, jd, both live Minisink.
1717 19 Nov; Jacob Westvaal, jm, born Kingstown; Margrieta de Duyster, jd, born Hurley, both now live Minisink.
1718 27 Sep; Roeloff Brink, jm, born Hurley; Antjen Kuykendaal, jd, born Minisink.
1719 08 Jul; Pieter Kuykendaal, jm; Femmetjen Dekker, jd, both live Minisink.
1719 25 Sep; Manuel Consalisduk, jm, of Marbletown; Reymerig Kwik, jd, born Rochester, live Minisink.
1721 30 May; Jacobus Swartwoud, jm, born Hurley; Antjen Gomaar, jd, born Kingstown, both live Minisink.
1721 22 Sep; Salomon Freer, jm, born New Palz; Klaartjen Westvaal, jd, born Minisink, both now live Kingstown.
1722 13 Mar; Hendrik Dekker, jm, born Rochester; Hanna Titsoort, jd, born Minisink, both now live there.
1722 20 Jun; Gysbert Bogert, jm, born Minisink; Catrina Dekker, jd, born Rochester, both live Menissing.
1723 14 Mar; Cornelis Devoor, jm, born New York; Helena Westvaal, jd, born Minisink, both live there.
1724 18 Oct; Jacob Middag, jm, born Neschotah; Zara Van Kuykendaal, jd, born Minisink, both live Rochester.
1724 18 Nov; Jan Emans, wid Rachel Stout, born on L.I.; Neeltjen Van Aaken, jd, both live Minisink.
1724 14 Dec; Cornelis Brink, jm; Maria Kool, jd,both living Minisink.
1725 11 Mar; Jan Van Vlied, junior, jm, born Marbletown; Ezyntjen Swartwoud, jd, born Minisink.
1727 12 Feb; Lambartus Brink, jm; Rachel Van Garde, jd, both born Rochester, both now live Minisink.
1727 04 Jun; Thomas Dekker, jm; Janneken Van Nimmegen, jd, both of Minisink.
1727 11 Jun; Harmen Van Garden, jm, born Rochester; Elsjen Koddebek, jd, born Minisink, both live there.
1727 18 Jun; Jacobus Dekker, jm, born Rochester; Neeltjen Titsoort, jd, born Minisink, both live there.
1728 24 Apr; Johannes Elting, jm, born Kingston, live New Palz; Marytjen Gemaar, jd, born Kingstown, live Minisink.
1728 29 May; Jan Eduwaartsz, jm, born Albany liv Poughkeepsie; Marretjen Consalis Duk, jd, born Minisink live Kingston
1729 09 May; Ary Van Etten, jm, born Knightsfield, live Marbletown; Sytjen Kuykendaal, jd, born Minisink, live Kingstown.
1729 21 Nov; Willem Freer, jm, born New Palz; Margrieta Van Keuykendaal, jd, born Minisink, live Kingstown.
1731 22 Aug; Gerardus van Nimwegen, jm, of Minisink; Jannetjen De Wit, jd, of Rochester.
1732 27 May; Luer Kuykendaal, jm, of Minisink; Lena Consalisduk, jd, of Kingstown.
1733 02 May; Willem Koddebek, jm, born Minisink; Jacomyntjen Elting, jd, born Kingstown, live New Palz.
1738 07 May; Jacobus Westvaal, jm, of Minisink; Sofia Van Aaken, jd, of Kingstown.
1738 31 May; Abraham Louw, jm, live Rochester; Dina Koettebek, jd, live Minisink.

Thereafter most marriages would take place in one of the four churches established in 1737 in the valley as detailed in the 1738-1762 Marriage Records (pp 265 -272, those which note both birth and dwelling places) in the Minisink Valley Dutch Reformed Records. Variant:  Menissinck

Juxtaposing these records with the Interrogatories  & Exhibits presented to the 1769 Royal Commission to settle the provincial boundary between New Jersey & New York adds another layer of information to the landscape and early families of the Minisink.

The Answers of Jacobus Quick, age 53.
"The deponent [Jacobus Quick] saith that he knows the settlers at Mackhackamack, and has known them these forty years - that old Johannes Westfall, Nicholas Westfall, old Teunis Quick, old Cornelius Dedoucher [var. de Duyster], John Middagh, Antje Quick, old John Decker, Jacob Decker, Cornelius Bogart, Hendrick Kortright, Willem Provoost & Albertus Provoost, Cornelius Kuykendall, Stephanus Teetsworth, Solomon Davis & Jacob Kuykendall were settlers there when he first became acquainted with that Place..."

Exhibits &Interrogatories:

Document, 1697 May 20 - Columbia Digital Library Collections  - "Grants and confirms to Arent Schuyler, his heirs and assigns a certain tract of land in the Minnissincks Country...Grants and confirms to Arent Schuyler, his heirs and assigns a certain tract of land in the Minnissincks Country..."

Document, 1697 October 14 - Columbia Digital Library Collections  - Recorded for Jacob Codebec & Company - Grants & confirms land to "...our Loving Subjects Jacob Codebec, Thomas Swartwout, Anthony Swartwout, Bernardus Swartwout, Jan Tys, Peter Ginar, and David Jamison... at a Place called Waghaghkemeck being the quantity of twelve hundred acres..."

Document, 1714 August 12 - Columbia Digital Library Collections -  A Warrant from the Council of Proprietors for 2500 Acres of Land bearing the Date of 28th of February Anno 1712 ... there is surveyed these two Tracts of Land sent Johannis Westphalia, Claus Westphalia, Simon Westphalia, Tunis Quick, Remora Quick, Cornelius Douchor, lying upon a Branch of the Delaware called Machok Mack in the Western Division of the Province of New Jersey.

Document,  1721 August 14 - Columbia Digital Library Collections  - The Petition of Thomas Swartwood & Jacobus Swartwood, Junr. in Behalf of themselves & Others - "The petitioners having lived for about thirty years at a place called Mackaghkamack near the division between the provinces of New York and New Jersey, obtained in 1697 a royal patent from Governor Fletcher of New York for these lands as well as a title from the Proprietors of New Jersey, in case the lands should happen to fall in that province...."

Document,  1769 September 9 - Columbia Digital Library Collections  - "The Answers of Harmanus Rosenkrans..."

Document,  1769 September 12 - Columbia Digital Library Collections  - "The Answers of Daniel Cooley..."

See also: The Ulster County Migrants into the Minisink, 1716.