Index to Wills, 1848 - 1868, Pike County, Pennsylvania

Index to Will Book C,  June 1848 - May 1868

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Note overlap in Smith, Shay, Selden

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Surnames:  Armstrong, Adams, Akers, Aldrich, Angle, Albright, Burley, Bowhanan, Bevans, Brink, Boud?, Bingham, Barton, Burrows, Brady, Brodhead, Biddis, Beam, Brown, Bouiet?, Bennett, Burrus, ?, Bower, Berg, Colony, Courtright, Cox, Carlove?, Cortright, Crissman, Clark, Cross, Croft, Cassidy, Cromwell, Drake, Dickenson, Dimmick, Dewitt, Decker, Dingman, Day, Duric, Depue, Ehrgood, Emery, Eylenbergher, Foster, Fuller, Finger, ?, Frisbie, Fredericks, Greening, Garland, Gallow, Gregory, Holbert, Heuffman, Hawley, Hornbeck, Harden, Heller, Hazen, Hans, Howell, Hafner, Husson, Hoagland, Johnson, Klieber, Kay, Killam, Kleinhans, King, Kirkham, Kip, Kitchel, Kleugler/Kluegler, Kratz, Kellog, Lyons, Lassley, Labar, Lesher?, Laforge, Lawrence, Lattimore, Megargil, McCarty, Malone, Morris, Mooney, Middaugh, Mott, Mead, Mathey, Nearpass, Neuman, Nyce, Ogden, Peters, Pletcher, Pellet, Pettitt, Quick, Ridgway, Rosencrance, Rutherford, Rowland, Reeder?, Steward, Shimer, Smith, Schuman, Stoll, Sayre, Sawyer, Salmon, Schoonover, Shuman, Semons, Shay, Selden, Sanders, Steele, Simpson, Sherman, Sourbeer, Seaman, Shaffer, Stewart, ?, Thrall, Titman, Van Gorden, VanInwegen, Van Etten, Vanauken, Vanwhy, Vanscoten, Westbrook, Watson, Wells, Warner, Wilson, Whitaker, Winfield, Williamson, Westfall, White, Whitehead, Whitmore, Young

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Index to Wills, 1814 - 1848, Pike County, Pennsylvania

Will Book A, 1814 - April 1829:  The original index and volume are missing (since at least 1997). Microfilm of the original pages is available for viewing though compiled alphabetically with later Will Books across 30 reels of film. The complete Will index for the county, including part or all of the lost Book A index, is also available in typescript.  The accuracy of the typescript is unknown at this time.  At least one omission has been found between the Will Index typescript and the Microfilm Index. (Note - another rough draft of the Index does not include Book A.)
Index to Will Book A (typescript, as found):
George Biddis, p 25; Abraham Cole, p 4; Mathias Clark, p 6; John Coryell, p 7; Samuel Dearborn, p 1; Joseph Hornbeck, p 8; Frederick Harman, p 20; Ephraim Killem [Killam] p 31; Peter Michael, p 6; William Smith p 13; Solomon Westbrook, p 1. (Note - some of these names are repeated in Book B which may be additional estate business, citations or errors.  Microfilm comparison of the original document would be required for confirmation.)
Index to Will Book B, May 1829 - May 1848:
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Surnames (including administrators):  Ainsley [Ansley], Alexander, Aldrich, Bristol, Brooks, Bowhannon, Brodhead, Bonnell, Benton, Brink, Blackmore, Bradt, Burrell, Bergstrasser, Buckley, Brush, Biddis, Coursen, Cox, Caris, Coryell, Coutright [Cortright?], Cole, Cornelius, Clark, Coleman, Carpenter, Day, DePuy, Decker. Donahey, Dingman, Depui, Eldred, Femster ?, Hanna, Hornbeck, Holbert, Hasledon, Hankins, How, Jagger, James, Kimble, Killam, Lewis, Libengood, Labar, Michael, McCarty, Miller, Mott, Middaugh, Myers, Nyce, Pellet, Pinchot, Parlin?, Price, Ross, Roberts, Rockwell, Rosengrants, Rose, Ridgway, Rop, Rich, Rogers, Roys, Schoonover, Shirley, Seaman, Slawson, Steel, Swartwood, Stanton, Schuman, Smith, Stoll, Turn, Troch [Trach], Taft,  Van Etten, Van Auken, Vanauken, Vangorden, Wallden, Walker, Watson, West, Williams, Westbrook, Wallace, Woolstencroft, Woodruff, Yetter, Zimerman.

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Researching Pike County has always been problematic; Land Records, Deeds and Wills for the present boundaries of Pike County can be found in Bucks County through 1751, Northampton County through 1798, and Wayne County through March of 1814. has added browse only Probate Records for Bucks, Northampton and Wayne Counties should one care to wade through the material with the above dates in mind.  Abstracts of Northampton County Wills & Estate Records, 1752-1802 is a helpful tool for pinpointing probate dates in order to find the original material in the browse only records as above.