1850 ~ "The Republican Watchman" Sullivan Co., NY

In the March 1, 1929, edition of The Republican Watchman, the newspaper continued a series of articles on "the interesting historical events of Sullivan County, covering more than a century, taken from the old files of the Watchman."

Surnames:  Acker, Allen, Angell, Baker, Barton, Benedict, Bloomer, Brigham, Brown, Clark, Coleman, Conant, Crist, Crumley, Devens, De Voe, Downs, Drake, Fish, Fitch, Fuller, Gable, Gale, Gordon, Hall, Harding, Hawks, Hill, Horton, House, Howell, Jackson, Knapp, Kortright, Layton, Leroy, Lines, Little, Loper, Loveless, Low, Misner, Morrison, Moulthrop, Neil, Niven, Parks, Pelton, Penfield, Pinckney, Quinlan, Ramsey, Ray, Royce, Rumsay, Sibert, Skinner, Smiley, Smith, Stanton, Stewart, Stoddard, Taylor, Terry, Timerson, Timlow, Towner, Tuthill, Van Benscoten, Van Duzer, Van Orden.

Special thanks to Tom Tryniski of Old Fulton New York Postcards for hundreds of hours of fascinating research on his site and including the 1929 news clippings of 1850 Sullivan County NY history herein. The New York Public Library has devoted a page to Tom's efforts: Fulton History: Old New York State Historical NewspapersDonations to his efforts, through Paypal or in the form of good used hard drives, will no doubt be welcome.