"The Boy Hunter of Sullivan" 1886 ~ Dueling Journalists

The following accounts of a late December bear hunt in the wilds of Sullivan County, New York appeared in two newspapers. The earlier - by mere days - of the two articles, "The Boy Hunter of Sullivan" was published by The Sun, and recounts a highly dramatic semi-fictionalized version of the hunt. The second article, "Bear Hunting In Southern Sullivan" published by Monticello NY's Republican Watchman, is a straightforward correction of the first, written by that paper's special correspondent, G.G.J.      

Clarence Shattuck, Aged 12, Kills Two Bears and Shames the Veteran Nimrods

The Boy Hunter of Sullivan, The Sun, Dec. 26, 1886

Bear Hunting In Southern Sullivan, Republican Watchman, Dec. 31, 1886

The Hunters: Jack Boyd, Lewis Boyd, William H. Crane, W.L. Cole, Frank Dewitt, Charles Gordon, Elmer Gordon, Stoddard Gordon, Charles Gumaer, Reeves Harkins [Hankins], Clarence Shattuck, F.L. Shattuck, Charles Stearns.

I suspect the author of "The Boy Hunter of Sullivan" is Edward H. Mott (1845-1920) who wrote for The Sun during this period.  His popular syndicated "Pike County Folks" columns, and various sketches of the Pike County, Pennsylvania hunter Jerry Greening, would later be collected into a book of the same title. The special correspondent to the Republican Watchman, G.G.J., has not yet been identified.

Hunter Carrying a Large Bear, 1909, Library of Congress

Excerpt, Sullivan County Bears, Stephen Crane, New York Tribune, 1892


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