17th Century Ennes Wild Cards

I've been collecting intriguing references to the surname variants of Ennes for some time now. Entries 1 - 5 are true wild cards with no known connection to the William Ennes family of Kingston & the Minisink.  Entries 6 & 7 have a minimal relation between the Ennes & Goederus families - a bequest and a common residency, Kingston, for a few short years lead me to believe there may be an in-law connection. Updates will appear upon discovery. 


Barent Ennesen van Noorden, company smith and corporal, Vol IV, Council Minutes. p 521.
Van Norden/Ennesz 
[Index:]  Barent Ennesen/Barent [pages] 386, 387, 394, 395, 396


Source:  The Register of New Netherland, 1626 to 1674 (Google eBook), Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, 1865, p 136.


Source: Calendar of Historical Manuscripts in the Office of the Secretary of State, Albany, N.Y.: Dutch manuscripts, 1630-64 (Google eBook) New York (State). Secretary's Office;1865; p 118.


Interesting to find an Ennesen coupled with a Gomaers in the Brazil Colony - variants of both surnames, Ennes & Gumaer appear in the Minisink: 

Baptisms 1641 April 7 - Hillebrant. Ouders (parents): Jan Ennesen & Agnieta Gomaers - under the heading Hollanders in Brazil

Source:  Algemeen Nederlandsch Familieblad, Volume 5 (Google eBook) Bureau Groenendaal, 1888, p 172.
 ECARTICO is a comprehensive database which was built to collect, organize and analyze data concerning painters, engravers, printers, book sellers and others involved in the cultural industries of the Low Countries in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

New Amsterdam Marriages:
1683 25 Apr; Frans Goderus, jm van N. Yorke; Rebecca Ennes, jd van Amsterdam
1685 20 Apr; Barent Hybon, jm van N. Yorke; Sara Ennes, jd van Amsterdam, beyde wonende alhier

Kingston Baptisms: 

1684 Jan 27; Frans Goderis, Rebecca Ennes; Rachel; Jan W. Hoogteyling, Geesie Lievens
1684 May 04; Pieter Pieterz Lasse, Cathryn; Johannes; Willem Dansic, Johannes Juriaanz [Westfall? -ed.], Rebecca Ennes
1685 May 03; Frans Goderis, Rebecca Ennes; Jacomyntie; Nicolaus Rooseveld, Hilletie Janz

New Amsterdam Baptisms:
1686 Mar 24; Barent Hybon, Sara Ennes; Jan; Johannes Hybon, Geertruyd Hybon
1689 Mar 10; Barent Hyben, Sara Ennes; Rachel; Jilles Provoost, Geesje Lievens
1689 Mar 25; Frans Goderus, Rebecca Ennes; Catharina; Abraham de Peyster, Catharina de Peyster
1691 Sep 13; Barent Hybon, Sara Ennes; Maria; Laurens Thomaszen, Rebbecca Ennes
1691 Nov 22; Frans Goderus, Rebecca Ennes; Sara; Laurens Thomaszen, Saertie Ennes
1693 Mar 12; Frans Goderus, Rebecca Ennes; Rebecca; Gerrit Duycking, Catharina Leeuwis
1694 Mar 11; Barent Hybon, Sara Ennes; Geertruyt; Leendert Lievens, Maria Provoost
1695 Mar 03; Frans Goderus, Rebecca Ennes; Jacomyntie; Leendert Liewens, Hendrickje Duycking
1696 Dec 16; Frans Goderus, Rebecca Ennes; Joost; Thomas Lievens, Anna Van Stryen
1697 Jan 24; Barent Hybon, Sara Ennes; Barent; Thomas Lievens & his wife, Catharina Lievens wife of Thomas Laurenszen
1699 May 21; Lowrense Thomase, Catharina Lewes; Cornelis; Harme Ruthgers, Sara Ennes wife of Barent Hybon

Source - Bob Billard's Dutch Records Search Engine for Ennes

Minisink Valley Genealogy entry:
Jeremy Kettle's Bequest to William Ennes, 1703
"...It is worth noting here that Jeremy Kettle's wife Catharina is a Guderis var. Goderis, Goderus, Gouderus, Goederus. Their first son, Jeremy was baptised in Kingston in 1675.  In 1683 a New Amsterdam marriage is recorded for Frans Goderus, jm van N. Yorke; Rebecca Ennes, jd van Amsterdam.  Two of the Goderus - Ennes children, Rachel  and Jacomyntie, would be baptized in Kingston in 1684 & 1685 respectively, thereafter this young family appears in the New Amsterdam records as residents, along with Sara Ennes and her husband Barent Hyben, on Hoogh Straat (High Street).


Dutch-Colonies-L discussion posits Catharina Guderis Kettle is elder sister to Frans Goderus:
From: dkoenig@library.berkeley.edu (Dorothy Koenig)

You will want to read the article "Joost Goderis, New Amsterdam
Burgher, Weighmaster, and Dutch Master Painter's son" by Elva Kathleen
Lyon. It appeared in the October 1992 issue of "The New York Genealogical
& Biographical Record", Volume 123, Number 4, pages 193-202....
Joost was the son of Johannes/Hans Goderis and Tanneken van Goorel/Gorel,
the daughter of Hans van Gorel from Brabant and Josyntie Gelis.

Johannes Goderis was a master painter of marine and river scenes in the
early 1600s. He was the son of Joris Godderis -- who lived in Haarlem but
who was originally from Paschendale in Flanders (now in Belgium) -- and
his wife, Maurintgen Lybaerts. They were married before 1600.

In the last paragraph of the article cited above the author says, "[Joost
Goderis ... and his wife Jocomijntie Frans ... may also have had] a
daughter "Catharina Guderis", wife of Jeremiah Kettel..."


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