Jeremy Kettle's Bequest to William Ennes, 1703

Traces of William Ennes, Sr. are scarce, so happening upon the Ulster County, N.Y. Probate Records in the Office of the Surrogate, Vol. 1, added an interesting if minor piece to the puzzle. The variant William Annis is repeatedly named in the 1703/4 Will of Jeremy Kettle of Marbletown. No indication is given on the nature of the gift or bequest to William but the tone of the Will is doubtless an effort to make good on a promise.  Note Schepel is the Dutch unit of measurement for bushel.  Bushels of wheat were also used as payment on mortgages at this time. The inventory of Kettle's estate was completed in 1707.

It is worth noting here that Jeremy Kettle's wife Catharina is a Guderis var. Goderis, Goderus, Gouderus, Goederus. Their first son, Jeremy was baptised in Kingston in 1675.  In 1683 a New Amsterdam marriage is recorded for Frans Goderus, jm van N. Yorke; Rebecca Ennes, jd van Amsterdam.  Two of the Goderus - Ennes children, Rachel  and Jacomyntie, would be baptized in Kingston in 1684 & 1685 respectively, thereafter this young family appears in the New Amsterdam records as residents, along with Sara Ennes and her husband Barent Hyben, on Hoogh Straat (High Street).

Deeds 1685-1709 Vol AA (which includes Wills) is available on  The complete Will with additional information on the payment terms to William is found on volume page 327 :

I give and bequeath unto William Annis ye Just and full summe of one hundred and twinty schipples of wheat to bee payd unto him by my Children Jeremy Richard Susan & Elisabeth in manner as follows the first payment to bee two years after my decease then each to pay him tenn schipples of wheat and ye two years following each to pay him yearly tenn schipples.*

Notes on variants of the Ennes surname

For search results using Billard's Dutch Record Vital Statistics, check the exact match and whole words only  boxes then use one of the variants: Ennes, Ennis, Ennist, Annis, Annist or Viervant, Veervand, Veervant, Vier-Vant, Vierbrand, Vuurvant.

Kingston Baptismal records for the children of William Ennes and Cornelia Viervant under variants include: Alexander, 1694;  Cornelis, 1696; Catharina, 1701; Jennetje, 1703; Alexander, 1709; Wilem, 1712.

William Ennes, first husband of Cornelia Viervant, died between 1711/2 and 1715/6.  The Marbletown(e) Tax Assessment List of 1716/7 include a Widdow Keettel £2 & Cornelia Ennis £10.

In 1717 the following marriage #367 is noted in the Kingston recordsLammert Brink, j.m., born in Hurley, and Cornelia Vierbrand, widow of Willem Ennes, born in Kingston. Banns registered, 21 April: 

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