1874 Beers Map of the Old Mine Road, Pahaquarry Twp, Warren Co NJ

It's always a treat to explore a Beers map of the 19th century.  This example details the Old Mine Road running through Pahaquarry Township with an insert of the village of Millbrook. Numerous ferries, old mine holes, limekilns, springs, hotels, schools, quarries and mineral deposits are shown.  Landowner surnames include:  Berke, Bruen, Bunnell, Courtright, DePue, Dietrick, Fisher, Garis, Hetzel, Hill, Howell, Kimble, LaBar, Michael, Morris, Oakes, Oxenbough, Ribble, Rinehart, Shoemaker, Spangenburg, Struck, Tillman, Transue, Trauger, Van Campen, Van Gorden, Walleer, Warner, Welter, and Zimmerman.  Original data microfilmed by the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.:  County Atlas of Warren New Jersey, F W Beers & Co, 1874.   

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Two existing cemeteries  are shown in the upper right hand corner, Calno P.O. district. 

The DePue family burying ground surnames:   Barry, Depue, Kinney, Trauger

Above, Depuy burying ground; below Van Campen burying ground.

The Calno - Van Campen burying ground surnames:   Bunnel, Cole, Depue, Gariss, Hawkins, Henry, Kimble, Kirkhuff, Michael, Mitchel, Oaks, O'Brien, Ozenbaugh [Oxenbough?], Reamer, Ribble, Shoemaker, Sitgreaves, Spangenberg, Stires, Stoddart, Sutton, Van Campen,  Williamson.

The Moses Van Campen House - Heir "B B Van Campen" on the 1874 map

Locations of the DePue & Van Campen burying grounds, Col. Abraham Van Campen & Moses Van Campen houses:

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Drawn by Jacob Hoffman, engraved by John Scoles, New York Magazine, February, 1794, Library of Congress