Brodhead's Map of the 17th C New Netherlands Charters

The British Library has begun posting images of book illustrations on Flickr's Commons.  They've requested viewers to add tags to improve searching into this vast treasure trove from the past so the going is difficult for now except when searching for titles and authors. I'm posting the left section of a map for its interesting notes on the Minisink (tag added) region.

As found on the early Van der Donck's map, E. M. Ruttenber translates "Minnessinck ofte t'Landt van Bacham" as "Indians inhabiting the back or upper lands," or the highlands in  Footprints of the Red Men,  New York State Historical Association, 1906.

The British Library's image: Map of New Netherland According to the Charters granted by The States General, on the 11 October, 1614, and 3rd of June, 1621, to Illustrate Brodhead's History of the State of New York, 1853, p 8, p 9. (Note:  This may be the first edition, later editions on Google eBooks don't seem to have the map or the image is not available.)

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Drawn & Engraved by Sherman & Smith, N.Y. - No known copyright restrictions
Yet another discovery on the shelves at the BL is Edmund O'Callahan's map in The History of New Netherland; or, New York Under the Dutch, 1846, page 321. Note this map refers to an Indian settlement, T'schichte on the East side of the River as found on the Van der Donck map. See our updated entry on Locating Theeshacht.