MVG on Social Media

In March  2014 we started the companion group on Flickr:  Minisink Valley Genealogy ~ History in the Landscape, compiling photographs & scans of ancestors, historic structures, state & local historical markers, valley & river views, and vintage maps, documents, postcards, artwork & illustrations. To date we have 23 members and 550+ photos from 40+ contributors.

Cryill C. D. Pinchot House, Milford PA

In November 2014, we started the companion Minisink Valley Genealogy Facebook Community  gathering together some wonderful research efforts to explore from other historical and genealogical communities and groups as well as highlighting some of the photos from Flickr and posts from this blog.

In January 2015, we started the companion group on Pinterest:  Minisink Valley Pins, loading up illustrations from the blog, the neighborhood, the free library and online discoveries.

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